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Looking for a modern sofa for your beautiful home? Can’t find the right size or colour? Don’t worry. All you need to know is that most of our sofas are concepts that can be made to match your idea of the perfect size, shape and colour. Sofa Sofa have a wide selection of contemporary and designer sofas, as well as stylish armchairs, sofa beds and Ottomans. All of our modern sofas and armchairs come from major furniture stores throughout Sydney. Almost all of our furniture can be customised specifically to personal taste and style. Contact us today to visit our associated furniture stores in Sydney, and find your dream piece of furniture today!

Buy Modern Sofas, Armchairs & Sofa Beds Online

All of the furniture listed on our website will direct you to the associated furniture store. You can then purchase it directly from their online store or simply visit one of their furniture stores located in Sydney. Our associated furniture retailers deliver all across the Sydney region, taking all the hassles away from you!

Nice Sofa by BoConcept

Nice Sofa by BoConcept

The Nice Sofa by BoConcept combines classic design with beautiful crafted details. Like all of BoConcept’s sofas, the Nice sofa is fully modular so you can customise it to your ...
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A review of the King Delta Metro Lounge

One of the most popular sofa choices in Australia has to be the King Furniture Delta Metro Lounge. Here we give a review of the King Delta Metro lounge, listing ...
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How to choose a designer sofa for your home

Buying a sofa isn’t an impulse purchase – here is a guide on how to choose a designer sofa for your home. A good quality designer fabric sofa is usually ...
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The 3-in-1 Melo designer sofa bed is perfect for guests

Are you looking for a designer sofa bed that does it all, looks beautiful but takes up minimal space? The 3-in-1 Melo designer sofa is perfect for guests. It is ...
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