Cenova Sofa by BoConcept

The Cenova sofa by BoConcept is as comfortable as it looks! With large modules, a low base and an array of loose pillows this classic sofa embraces your body and brings a laid-back expression to your living room. The Cenova sofa can be completeley customised to your own personal taste and style. Choose from over 100 unique leathers and fabrics, and match it with our selection of leg designs to suit your style. The Cenova is available in a range of sizes include 2-seater, 2.5 seater, 3 seater, and even a lounge suite. It is available to order at your nearest BoConcept furniture store in Sydney, located in etiher Crow’s Nest or Moore Park.

Cenova designer red sofa Sydney

Cenova modern green sofa Sydney

Cenova modern lounge suite Sydney

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