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The sofa is the one of the main furniture pieces in the living room, therefore choosing the right sofa for your home is vitally important. You need it to match your personality as well as fit your current home décor. We have an exclusive range of modern and designer sofas to choose from, which all can be customised with a range of options to suit your own personal style. Our designer sofas offer extraordinary comfort to relax and wind down after a long day. We offer an exclusive range of modern styles and designs, including both fabric and leather options. Our sofas don’t just offer comfortable seating, our unique designs make them the centre of attention in the living area. So whether you are looking for a 2 seater, 3 seater, chaise lounge or corner sofa we have you covered.

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The sofas listed here are from associated furniture retailers. Most of these sofas will direct you to the furniture retailer in which you can either purchase from their online store, or visit one of their furniture stores located across Sydney. The modern sofas listed here are delivered all across the Sydney region, depending on the furniture retailer, certain conditions may apply.

Madison modern sofa

Madison Sofa by BoConcept

The Madison sofa by BoConcept is super comfortable and highly stylish. This modern sofa can easily be transformed from a classic sofa into a comfortable and relaxing resting space at the touch of the toggle switches integrated into the armrests. Available in three different versions so you can choose between ...
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Adelaide modern sofa

Adelaide Sofa by BoConcept

The Adelaide sofa by BoConcept features a unique organic design that invites you to sit down and enjoy Danish design at its best. It provides exceptional comfort and support while looking beautiful from all angles. The Adelaide sofa comes as a fixed 3-, 2½- or 2-seater. It comes with your ...
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Indivi-2 modern sofa

Indivi-2 Sofa by BoConcept

Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Indivi 2 sofa is timeless. Lean back and enjoy the enveloping feeling as the soft cushions on all sides invite you in. While keeping the 2 seater look, this comfortable 2.5 seater sofa has wider seats for ...
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Istra-2 modern sofa

Istra-2 Sofa by BoConcept

Light, delicate and with contemporary, straight lines. The Istra 2 sofa will bring modern elegance to your entire living room without ever dominating. Cosy up with your family or claim the sofa all to yourself with this roomy 3 seater sofa. Shop the Istra-2 Leather Sofa: ...
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Farmo modern sofa

Fargo Sofa by BoConcept

The feminine look and curvy features of the exclusive Fargo sofa will add a sense of softness to your living room and create a welcoming atmosphere. Though small in size, this 2 seater sofa is big on style and will perfectly fit a small living room. Shop the Fargo Leather ...
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Ottawa modern sofa

Ottawa Sofa by BoConcept

The Ottawa sofa by BoConcept is a multifunctional modular sofa that is made up of many different modules that can be arranged accordingly to create a totally unique sofa. For everyday use, the sofa can be spread around the home, for example, two modules in the living room and one ...
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Cenova modern red sofa Sydney

Cenova Sofa by BoConcept

The Cenova sofa by BoConcept is as comfortable as it looks! With large modules, a low base and an array of loose pillows this classic sofa embraces your body and brings a laid-back expression to your living room. The Cenova sofa can be completeley customised to your own personal taste ...
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Carlton modern sofa Sydney

Carlton Sofa by BoConcept

The Carlton sofa by BoConcept is a classic that takes us back to a time where simple, clean lines became exclusive and elegant. A thin seating frame give the sofa a light and delicate look while extra soft cushions add a casual, loose contrast to the refined design. Try mixing fabric and ...
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Carmo Sofa by BoConcept

The Carmo sofa by BoConcept features a unique cube design that offers supreme and spacious seating for family and guests. It has piping along the edges, enhancing its Scandinavian look. There are fully upholstered seating units available as you can swap different combinations to create your own look. Open ended ...
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Mezzo Sofa

Mezzo Sofa by BoConcept

The Mezzo sofa by BoConcept is stylish and spacious, enough for the whole family to sit and relax in luxurious comfort. The thin seat cushion that stretches along the sofa has beautiful stitching. Relax in different ways by adjusting the start and easy-to-use comfort cushion that is attached to the ...
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Hampton Sofa

Hampton Sofa by BoConcept

The Hampton sofa by BoConcept features an elegant design, with a low sleek base, and innovate back cushions that can adapt to your needs. You can also include built-in storage in the armrests and footstools. The Hamtpon sofa provides plenty of seating space for guests to sit down in style, ...
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Osaka Sofa

Osaka Sofa by BoConcept

The Osaka sofa by BoConcept is highly stylish while offering supreme comfort. The pure lines are softened with beautifully crafted details such as the elegant seat cushions. You can choose between a classic straight armrest or one that curves slightly - it almost feels like the sofa is giving you ...
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