A review of the King Delta Metro Lounge

One of the most popular sofa choices in Australia has to be the King Furniture Delta Metro Lounge. Here we give a review of the King Delta Metro lounge, listing the pros and cons. We also provide 2 other alternative sofas that offer very similar features to compare. The Delta combines a chaise longue and has the added benefit of a sofa bed. It also has storage compartment in the base to put bedding or other things in.

King Delta Metro

There are lots of benefits to this sofa – for a start, it comes with multiple useful features including an adjustable back.

Pros and cons

You get the choice of alternate arm widths depending on the look you want. It has even the choice to include a range of technological accessories ranging from a LED lamp, smart table and charge table. This is the ultimate in modern convenience sofas.

It’s also highly customisable, in that you can choose from a range of materials, colours and finishes. You can opt for leathers or fabrics in a mind-boggling array of colours to suit your style. The cover of this sofa is also fully removable so it can be professionally cleaned. Or you can change it for a totally different look further down the track. Other examples of how you can customize it, include adjustable timber or chrome finished legs. These affect the size of the storage areas in the inside. You can even tailor the seat height to your own preference and comfort.
The downsides of this sofa are that it has quite a chunky design due the size of the individual components. Hence it can be a challenge to make it work visually if you have a smaller space. The choice of customisable options are all an added financial investment too. So you do need to really think through your colour and material choices before deciding to spend the extra money. Due to its popularity, the Delta Metro is featured in many real estate open home viewings. It’s also a sofa you’ll see dotted around many home all over the country. If you’re looking for a piece to make your space unique and stand out from the rest, this probably isn’t the option to go for. You can find out more details on the Delta Metro sofa, by visiting: http://www.kingliving.com.au/sofas-modulars-and-armchairs/sofas/delta-metro/

Ikea Holmsund

The Ikea Holmsund sofa is a similar style of sofa to the Delta Metro but is a much more budget friendly option.

Pros and cons

Its design can include a chaise longue, turns into a bed and offers storage too. On the plus side, the lid of the storage area will stay open if you need it to, so you can easily take things in and out. Similarly it has an adjustable back and seat so you can change the positioning to the angle that’s comfortable for you.

The chaise longue element is also customisable so you can choose whether you want it on the left hand side or the right, which is handy if you move house or decide to change the layout of your room. The durable cotton cover is easily removable and washable. So you never have to worry about little spills or dirt marks spoiling your sofa. You can just throw it in the wash whenever you like. It is also quite a deep sofa so you can add lots of accessories and still have space to sit without it feeling cluttered.

The negatives with this sofa are that it’s not the most comfortable option with limited cushioning and springs in the seating area, which goes hand in hand with the lower price point. Comfort levels are ok for a few nights but probably not longer than this unless you opt for a mattress topper perhaps. The choice of finishes are also fairly limited in comparison to the Delta Metro, only available in 4 colour options. They are beige, grey, pink and white, which restricts your choice. Especially if you’re after a darker coloured sofa. For more details about the Holmsund and other IKEA sofa beds, go to:


Boconcept Stockholm

Another alternative, is the Boconcept Stockholm sofa, designed in Denmark. This Scandinavian designer sofa easily folds out into a bed, comes with a chaise longue and has a large storage unit underneath ideal for sheets and pillows.

Pros and cons

You’ll find the main benefit of this sofa is the overall high quality, sleek and superior well thought out Danish design. All BoConcept furniture and accessories are designed in Denmark and offer affordable luxury and flexibility according to your needs. With the Stockholm sofa, both the seat and the back cushions are attached to the fold out bed mechanism. So you don’t have to worry about re-arranging or attaching them again if you fold out into a bed. The high quality of the interior mechanisms, means you can adapt from a sofa to a bed with just one hand movement.

There is very little manoeuvring involved. It is also highly customisable with a vast range of high-end fabrics and leathers available. You can view these in stores and mock them up in 3D form with a staff member on a computer. They will help you choose exactly the look you want before you buy. You also have the option for the sofa to come with or buttons. Or you can make the bed into a single or a double. Overall this is the best choice for you  if quality, bespoke and beautiful design is your preference.

If we had to pick a con for the Stockholm it would probably be the price tag. The Stockholm has been designed to last a long time, longer than most modern sofas so that’s where the price is reflected. If budget is your priority, you’d be better off going with a cheaper lower end option. To learn more about the Stockholm sofa from BoConcept and other sofas visit their website www.boconcept.com.au

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