A Scandi footstool, that opens up into a bed

When you have a surprise (or even planned) extra guest, you might not have the luxury of a spare bedroom to put them in. But what if you had a modern Scandinavian footstool, that opens up into a bed? Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind knowing that you always have a spare bed on hand for visiting friends and family? It’s a lot nicer to tell them you have a bed rather than offering your sofa up – it doesn’t quite have the same appeal. The footstool cleverly unfolds into a single bed from 3 parts. Choose from a whole range of attractive covers in a huge choice of colours.






Here Stephanie, BoConcept interior consultant offers her top tips on how best to use and style the Xtra footstool.

  1. Use it as a dual-purpose piece – in a small space, double your Xtra footstool up as a coffee table. By placing a large tray on top of the footstool, means you instantly have a sturdy surface for a mug, plate or to accessorise on.
  1. Create your own daybed – Two Xtra footstools placed side-by-side against a wall or under a window can act as a daybed in a spare room. Accessorize the footstool with a throw or cushions to dress up the look and give you support and comfort.
  1. Enjoy the flexibility – While the Xtra footstool is great to sleep an individual, people often wonder what to do when a couple is staying the night. A simple solution – purchase two footstools and use a fitted sheet to join them up. The beauty of this concept, is that you can still utilise the pieces separately in different rooms if the people staying over aren’t a couple. The footstool is light enough to relocate one to the living room for instance while the other stays in the spare room or study.

Watch how to style the Xtra and turn it into a bed


Why not check out the full range of footstool from BoConcept online, or you can also call into one of their modern furniture stores Sydney, in Moore Park’s Supacentre or Crows Nest. Their team of interior consultants are always on hand to offer you advice about your space or furniture needs.

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